Pregnant & Out of Clothes

Haalp, I’m pregnant, growing, and my closet is shrinking!

How on earth am I supposed to accumulate a pregnancy wardrobe when I’m one size now, and soon I won’t be that size, then soon after I won’t be THAT size, and then I’ll be bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

I might be a little dramatic, but it’s true! All of it!

I didn’t really have a system at all when it came to starting a new closet until recently, but having this system has helped a lot, and I want to help you not make the mistakes that I did and wait until the last second to buy anything until it’s already overdue.

Ryian gets organized

So here’s my system, which takes a little explaining first. I used to have a planner, but it really wasn’t working. It was only organized by the day of the week, so it was hard to organize by topic, and if you’re in college, it’s hard to try and keep that all on the one page AND have it be even a little organized, so I trashed that and now have a new system.

Peter and I have on our fridge two white board calendars, a monthly one, and a weekly one. We have our class schedule on the weekly one, and I’ll add my weekly small group meeting, Pete’s accordion lesson, and other miscellanea. The monthly white board calendar is to write down when there is a retreat, a fishing trip, dinner with someone, or other random events. Every Sunday I rewrite the weekly calendar, and also plug necessary items into my phone calendar. 

Along with my phone calendar, I have a cute little notebook. It reminds me of what a journalist or a detective would carry. It’s a couple inches wide and a few inches tall (I know, super specific, maybe 3×5 inches?). Because of its size, it is easy to switch from backpack to purse. (I also have a little zip bag with chapstick, lotion, hair ties, pads, etc. that I switch from backpack to purse.)

This notebook is so important. 

This notebook has a page for each of my classes to write down homework, projects, and whatnot. It has a page for groceries, a page for things we need at Target (such as shampoo or tin foil), and other to-do lists. When I finish a list I can just rip it out and call it done! 

NOW, back to the shrinking closet issue. One list that I have is for this purpose. As I see that a type of clothing will all soon be too small, such as jeans, I write it down. Then, once a month, with my list, we run to Target and find such items.

When to buy what (based on personal experience)

Here is a short version of what I did.

Tri 1 – All I wanted was looser clothing since my body wasn’t exactly growing a lot yet (but definitely changing), and I was really hypersensitive to anything tight. I sized up on underwear. I wish got a belly band so that I could wear my pants longer and unbuttoned. I had to start making a pile of shirts and pants that were done for now (and possibly forever).

Tri 2 – I wanted maternity pants, and it was a good idea to get a start on maternity shirts as I ran out of my other shirts. I sized up on underwear (again).

Tri 3 – Maternity tops are getting to be a must. Luckily a lot of my shirts were baggy to begin with, so this isn’t an emergency quite yet. At this point I have a new skirt and a dress, soon another pair of pants, and as always, underwear.

Ryian rants

I didn’t think needing more underwear constantly would be as big of a problem as it actually is. Maybe it’s just me. I have zero stretch marks on my tummy, but my thighs are definitely seeing those battle scars. 

In the second tri I got two pairs of jeans, (one boot cut and one skinny) and three nicer shirts.

I got a pair of leggings, a maxi skirt, and a maxi dress towards the end of the second tri to wear to Mass or whatever other nice events I have to go to. I pretty much wear the same outfit every Sunday, except maybe a different top.

I still have a lot shirts because I wore baggier clothing when I wasn’t prego to begin with, but I just got some more v-necks, because the collars of my shirts have been bugging me. I think this is related to my underwear feeling too tight.

Soon I will need to go back and get a pair of shorts to go on walks at the gym and some sweatpants. (I KNOW, I HAVE GROWN OUT OF MY SWEATPANTS. WHAT IS THIS.)

A part of me wishes that when I bought clothes for myself the last couple years, that I picked on size larger. (I mean, if it’s still flattering.) I usually bought a size medium or large before, but I felt better about myself buying the smaller. I had a couple pairs of jeans that I LOVED, but almost immediately couldn’t wear anymore because they were skinnier, and tighter fitting. But hey, boyfriend jeans are in style now!

Something great that I took advantage of is the beauty of flannels and cardigans. My belly can be as big as the sun and I can still wear them (as long as my arms haven’t grown too much, I’ve had to set aside two flannels already). With flannels and cardigans, v-necks and sometimes even t-shirts are perfect to wear.

A note on bras: this is a change that is really hard to predict. My band size grew and my cup size grew even more. They key here is measure measure measure. If you like things loose like I do, buy those beautiful bra strap extenders. I also really like those padded casual-sports-bra-things. I think they have an actual name but I’m not sure what else to call them.

Measuring. This is so important. You can’t just guess that you need a size this or that. I think clothes have measurements on the tag (for sure underwear and bras), but you can always bring your tape measure. Measure your hips, rib cage, hips, cup size, and hips, and add an inch or two to the hip measurement.

Note: it is okay to live simply and wear the same pair of jeans three or four times a week. Especially when you can’t afford a brand new wardrobe right now. It’s scary to see all these clothes that you used to wear all the time and then suddenly they don’t fit and you are running out of options on things to wear. (This is my vain self still a little upset about that.) 

For a while I avoided leaving the apartment because only sweatpants fit. Get thee to a thrift store!

Update on life

This baby is growing right on schedule. He/she likes to snuggle into my right side right under my rib. It’s mostly really cute, but sometimes quite a bit uncomfortable. We’re definitely entering the uncomfortable third trimester stage right now. It’s encouraged to sleep on your sides as you get bigger because there is an important vein in your back that the weight of the baby will press on. So I roll over a lot now and will wake up because the hip I’m sleeping on is hurting A LOT, but once I find a comfy spot again I fall straight to sleep. 

My belly button is starting to pop out a lot more, but it’s not fully there yet. There is also a dark line that goes down my tummy, so that’s cool. 

As school has progressed, I’ve actually been throwing up and feeling icky in the mornings again. I’m miserable for about an hour or two, but then I’m decent the rest of the day. I still can’t stand for long at all, which has been very humbling. If I do stand too long, it feels like someone hit my head with a hammer. I experienced that today at the doc’s while standing at the reception desk to schedule my next appointment. I’m really glad I have managed to avoid fainting and being able to sit down before I get to that point. 

I am SO glad that th weather is starting to thaw outside! The ice has been so scary for me. If I fall, not only would it hurt me, but the two of us! I have not fallen once this winter, and boy am I grateful. I hope the sun keeps on shining and the snow keeps on melting. 

That’s all for now. Yesterday started week 29, only 11 more to go!

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7 thoughts on “Pregnant & Out of Clothes

  1. Look at that cute belly!! Gosh, where did I even start? I have had 8 babies and have been super lucky to share maternity clothes with my sisters and sister-in-law. Maternity Duo from Penneys was always my favorite. Old Navy maternity clothes have been pretty good too. For maternity underwear, my preference is just buying a big pack of Hanes briefs a size up. (I can't stand maternity underwear) bras? Picky about those too…. Leading Lady (Amazon sells them in a two pack and great price – go up at least one band and cup size). Love that you mentioned to be simple about your maternity wardrobe! That is KEY! You can definitely re-wear the same shirt/pants a couple times each week. Just gotta keep up on laundry, eh? Hope that helps, dear!! May God bless you abundantly with your pregnancy!


  2. You look so lovely!!!

    Ryian, I am so excited that you posted your blog link to the BIS page-I started going through your posts and kinda started freaking out a little bit. See, my husband and I got married when we were both 20 and about to start our 3rd year of undergrad (August 2013), AND he's a ginger. We graduated in May 2015, & I'm pregnant with our first, too! (you've probably noticed this already, but married college student life is the best!!!!) I have loads of admiration for you doing the student thing while pregnant-that's major intense! I also definitely agree about the whole “being simple” thing with pregnancy wardrobe. I was participating in Leah Darrow's “Closet Challenge” in October (7 items of clothing for a month), so that really helped me get into the simplicity mindset, and uphold that once I discovered I was pregnant. I mentioned on the BIS page that one thing super helpful for me is the fact that I rarely wear pants (and many of my favorite skirts are wraparound hippie skirts), so even though my tummy is bigger than it was in October, everything still fits! Oh, I am so with you on the cardigans! I really got into cardigan-wearing when I entered college! They dress up any outfit, they're comfy, and they help you wear shirts that otherwise may not fit as well. In fact, I just bought myself a new cardigan over the weekend!


  3. Thank you!
    I love Old Navy. I have a bunch of stuff from there (that doesn't fit me anymore) and I am loving my maternity skirt from there!
    Thanks for the advice! I think we're all picky about specific details, but for a good reason!


  4. We are so alike! I know some people that got married right after college at 21, but not within college. It's a cool thing to share! Being married in college just adds so much more support. It's been really nice for the both of us to have that.
    This pergnancy has been major intense, and with school aside! I thought about doing something similar to the closet challenge over Lent. I think it'd teach me a good lesson. Maybe next year when I have a more variety of sizes of clothing.
    The skirts I bought have been great, it's nice being free down there! I do like pants, but much less while pregnant, that's for sure.
    Cardigans and flannels are the bomb. Cardigans dress you up. And they both are good layers for when the weather is really in-between!
    Thanks for your thoughts!


  5. Ryian, this is such a sweet post! I remember all of these feelings with my first! Cherish every moment. 🙂

    Also, I found that some second hand kids thrift shops have maternity clothes really cheap. You might want to call a couple in your city and see if they have anything in your size! 🙂


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