7QT – End of Summer

{7QT} 7 Quick Takes

1. Rolled over!
Zelie Belly has officially rolled over! Now my whole system has to change again because I can’t just leave her somewhere to play and do the dishes, let alone use the bathroom. We have these fantastic alphabet foam tiles that are soft (and I can wipe up spit easily). So for now I will do that, or she’ll get strapped into her rocker while I try and get stuff done. 

2. Started School
I have officially started up school again! I have about one semester’s worth of work to finish before I get that beautiful degree. I have mostly papers to write, but the class I have been loving the most is Psychology of Adolescence. It’s lots of reading and then some other work with it. Right now I am learning about this new term between adolescence and adulthood, emerging adulthood. Now that secondary school and even college is common, emerging adulthood is the time between around ages 18 to 25, which is basically between high school graduation and college graduation, finding a career, marriage, and parenthood, or all of the above, take your pick.

3. State Fair
Pete and I were really nervous about bringing Zelie to this, but we picked the first day, which actually has the least attendance, and we went in the evening when Peter got off work so it wasn’t too hot. We weren’t there as long as we have been there before, but that’s okay. Zelie LOVED it. She was in her stroller and did more people watching than the both of us. She was SO quiet, just watching as we walked along the streets. She also loved the animals in the miracle of birth center (my favorite place at the fair). There are a lot of benches outside of this building and it was actually a perfect private yet public spot to nurse. I have been really nervous about nursing in public lately because I have been getting VERY mixed opinions about it. I don’t want to make people uncomfortable, so I’m willing to go somewhere more private, but I refuse to go into the public bathroom or anywhere extremely inconvenient to nurse. So I thought the spot we picked at the fair worked perfectly. We didn’t try any new or exotic foods this time. Nothing was calling to me, and I wasn’t going to waste 8 bucks to try something I didn’t like or even want to try. I was perfectly satisfied with my pronto pup and all you can drink milk.


4. 5K Training
Oofta. I’m not as far into my training as I’d like to be with only one week until the 5k, but I feel very confident that it will go well. I feel very healthy, and ran a whole 20 minutes straight with no breaks yesterday, and I am very proud of that. I’m really looking forward to the race!

5. Cooking
This summer I tried to have a green thumb, but I feel like everything I touch dies (not true, but I have killed a few things this summer). So I have picked up on trying new recipes instead, and they have been going really well! I really enjoy making them, and I enjoy eating them even more! I plan on making posts with my recipes and including pretty pictures on them. Lately I have made chicken pot pie (with homemade crust, ooOoOooo), calzones, and homemade meatball subs!

6. The Little Catholic BoxI can’t explain how excited I was for my box to come in the mail! The Little Catholic Box is a monthly subscription for women to receive a little box full of a variety of goods. I am especially in love with my St. Therese sacrifice beads bracelet. St. Therese used to have a string of beads to keep track of her little sacrifices to help her strive for holiness. This bracelet has a miraculous medal clasp that you can move to the next bead each time! The company that made the bracelet is call Chews Life, and they also make teething rosaries for all the babies. I also got in this box a Mother Teresa 28 day reflection book, a Mother Teresa prayer card, a Mother Teresa key tag, a CD from Brother Isaiah in the CFRs, and a yummy chocolate espresso bar from Monk’s bread. 



7. New Blog Name!
I will be making a couple changes to the blog, including a new host site, name, and logo. I will be moving to Word Press, and the blog will be called Catholic Mama Bear. I am very excited for this change and look forward to this blog’s future! If there are any types of posts that you would like to read, you can always let me know in the comments or send me an email!

Hugs and kisses,

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