7 Quick Takes – part 3

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1. Sick baby

Our little one had a cold this week. She didn’t have a fever, but a very stuffy nose. She was our Lady Vader. I hardly got anything done regarding homemaking, but I was definitely still working. I was comforting a baby, nursing extra, sucking out snot with that blue plunger thing they give you at the hospital, putting sinus drops in her nose, and then most of my time was spent holding and snuggling an almost constantly crying baby. Stuffed sinuses are not fun. She hardly napped, but I got a lot of steps in to make up for not working out this week.

2. Candy Store

Before Zelie got sick, on Labor Day we went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store! Turns out it’s only 20 minutes away from our place. They have every kind of candy you can think of. They also have a HUGE puzzle collection. Then there were pumpkins, apples, honey, maple syrup, crock pot mixes, sodas in the classy glass bottles, and other fun souvenirs. We had a blast.

3. $50 for a T-Shirt

I found this adorable Minnie Mouse onesie at Goodwill. Target is still selling them. I spent less than a dollar. Also, Zelie doesn’t rip out bows anymore. The Goodwill by our house has 50% off children’s clothes on Thursdays, and I brought a box in. So that’s another 25%. Most of the baby stuff is one to four dollars. It’s usually ten to fifteen brand new at the store. But I’ve found a lot of things with the tag still on.

I’ve also been online looking at what’s on clearance every couple weeks at stores like Old Navy and Target. This season change is perfect to get some shorts or swimwear.

4. Exercise

This weekend I’m running my first 5k on Saturday, and doing the St. Paul Bike Classic on Sunday. I’m nervous, especially because I got two weeks behind on training, and I missed this entire week because the baby was sick. If I just jog it’ll be fine. I won’t be surprised if I have to walk some, but I hope I don’t need to. Now I haven’t biked all summer, but I’m in shape, so there’s that.

5. Bridal Shower!

My brother in law is getting married in two weeks. I’m so excited for it. It’s at a beautiful church. All the families are coming together. My nieces and nephews are coming from Ohio a week early so we can hang out all week! And there was this super fun shower. I didn’t help plan, but I came early to help set up. I love doing stuff like this. The decorations, the food, the games, the gifts, so fun.

6. Reflecting 

This week, I learned a lot about the suffering Mary had to go through. My baby was sick and the anniversary of when I first got HG was this week. So I reflected about that a lot and wrote some of my thoughts here.

7. Pinterest 

I have become re-obsessed with Pinterest again. My vision got kind of funny when I was pregnant, so I kind of forgot it existed. You can find all that I pin here. I love recipes, crafts, child psychology, pregnancy tips, and household hacks.

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend!

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