LEMR Linkup – Part 2

Listening, Eating, Making, Reading, I joined Anna’s linkup at The Heart’s Overflow!


You know me. Always listening to Pandora. The favorite channels lately have been Disney, Bastille, Audrey Assad, Two Steps from Hell, and My Girl by the Temptations.


I’ve have been eating leftovers and Chinese delivery. Mm mm. Cream cheese wantons all the way. I made a lot of food last week so we didn’t need groceries quite yet but now it’s time.


Well, I made pancakes on Saturday, and they were delicious. Today I made banana bread. It’s not as moist as I want it to be, but it’s still good. If anyone has a recipe they love, send it my way!


I have been reading two books! I’m rereading the Story of a Soul by St. Therese. I read it as a freshman in college. Now my daughter is named after St. Therese’s parents, so I should probably read it again. The other book I am reading is called Adulting, and basically it’s a bunch of useful tips about cleaning and bills and organization. She’s really funny and it’s been helpful. I think ages 13-999 can read it.

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