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30 Days of No Sugar, Gluten, or Dairy,

I just finished 30 days of this insane but amazing diet/detox and I wanted to share with you the why, how, what I actually ate throughout the day for 30 days, my results, and where I’m going from here.


We want more children. So. Badly. But we’re scared, very scared, that I will get sick next time we try again. We had conversations with my doctor on what to do to hopefully prevent it from happening again, or at least not be as severe. She suggested a change in diet and seeing what my body reacts to since my hormones are not properly balanced. She didn’t think I had an allergy or anything like that, but that I probably just don’t have a well-balanced diet.

Because I’ve always been a healthy size, I never really worried about what I was eating. I just ate what I wanted when I wanted. So my diet was basically carbs, dairy, sugar, and fruit. I hardly ate vegetables at all, and I was missing so many vitamins.


A couple people made diet suggestions to me, but I decided to do the 30 day program that Arbonne offered because it had such a huge support system. I like Arbonne because all their products are gluten free, vegan, and botanically based. There were a bunch of Facebook info sessions they provided where I was able to ask tons of questions before committing. Cassie Kent is my Arbonne consultant and so I was able to ask her questions as well. (She’s done the 30 days too!) And when I started the diet she checked in to see how I was doing. There is a meal plan you can follow, a Facebook group for solidarity, and I could buy products through them with plenty of protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals to make sure I wasn’t deficient in anything.

So this diet is to support my energy and digestive health, detox, and basically restart my gut. For 30 days I cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, coffee, and basically anything you can’t pronounce on an ingredients list. It’s not a Whole 30 or Paleo diet, but it’s really similar. The point for me wasn’t to lose weight (but I wasn’t going to complain about that). The point was to detox, eat healthier, be healthier, and have healthier future pregnancies.

If you want to read more about the program, click here (Note: I did not use all of their products.) Below is a list of products I used, and products I did not use for the 30 days.

Arbonne products I used: Protein Shake Mix, Daily Fiber Boost, Herbal Detox Tea, Energy Fizz Sticks, Digestion Plus, Nutrition Bars, Greens Balance, and Fit Chews.

Arbonne products I did not use: 7 Day Body Cleanse, Evolution Full Control, Evolution Metabolism Support, Daily Power Packs, Omega-3 Plus, Antioxidant and Immunity Booster, PhytoSport Prepare and Endure, PhytoSport Complete Hydration, and PhytoSport After Workout.

My eating routine

Instead of starting my day with coffee, I would put my teapot on the stove and have detox tea and a citrus flavor fizz stick with it since I was not a fan of the tea’s flavor on it’s own. The first four or five days I had a caffeine headache, but I had two fizz sticks a day (which have caffeine from green tea in them) and that helped my caffeine addiction, plus they’re really yummy. Every morning I had a citrus one in my tea and a pomegranate one in the afternoon.

While my tea was brewing I was eating a banana and making my protein shake. I am a woman of habit and so I always had half vanilla and chocolate protein powder, some Arbonne fiber, greens, and digestion plus added, and stirred with a combo of almond and rice milk.

If I was still hungry that morning I had oatmeal with green apple slices and almond butter.

For lunch I had another protein shake with some cage-free eggs (which taste WAY better than normal eggs) and homemade salsa or leftovers.

The first week because I wasn’t filling my body with sugar and gluten I felt SO hungry, even though I ate plenty! So in the afternoon I had a nutrition bar, and maybe some bean chips with my salsa, and a pomegranate fizz to drink.

During the sluggish afternoon hour I also had a couple ounces of some Young Living Ningxia Red, which is a delicious super juice. I would start craving it by the evening it was so good.

For dinner I had a rotation of chicken/veggies/rice, taco salad with mexican rice, soups/stews, stir fry, chili.

A lot of nights I would eat leftovers of those and Peter would have his own thing since he wasn’t restricted from cheese and bread. It wasn’t every night, but it just kind of happened that way, and I don’t blame him!

In the evening when I was craving something sweet I often had berries or a protein shake if I didn’t have my second one yet.

My results

I lost 10 pounds and 2 inches around my waist! I look and feel healthier and better proportioned.

I don’t feel hungry all the time anymore. I actually crave healthy foods things like fruit and meat and cocoa instead of sugar or mac and cheese.

Coffee doesn’t taste the same to me anymore. It’s still delicious to have, but because I add almond milk and honey instead of Coffee-Mate Creamer and sugar, it’s not the sugar bomb that I knew and loved. On Thursday I made some coffee and took and sip and realized this wasn’t what I wanted and made some tea instead.

Where we’re going from here

I plan on only having one serving of gluten and dairy a day.

I will probably only have coffee every other day instead twice a day like I was doing.

I will still have one protein shake, a fizz stick or two, and Ningxia Red each day. I will also continue to buy Arbonne’s cocoa nutrition bars and their caramel fit chews for on the go or a quick fix.

I am going to try to avoid a lot of sugar, corn, and processed foods. So I will continue to make my own salsa and try to perfect my hummus and pasta sauce recipes. On special occasions or when we’re out with friends I’ll likely drop that, and I am definitely all about Donut Sundays.

Overall there’s a lot about this diet I am going to keep doing, but still have a healthy amount of “normal” foods like cheese and bread and dessert. I still daydream about pizza and cheeseburgers but I think those will always be something my heart will stay faithful to. So no, I’m not going to stop eating those things, but I am going to change how often I will.

You can do this 30 day program any time of year, but Peter and I plan on doing the Arbonne 30 Days together next January, and hopefully every year!


2 thoughts on “30 Days of No Sugar, Gluten, or Dairy,

  1. My doc just suggested I do whole 30, so I’m going to be right there, too. I’m excited about learning to cook more good, wholesome meals, but…this will certainly be a challenge.


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