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Making a Beautiful Space {and Hatch Prints Giveaway + Coupon Code!}

I have always loved to decorate my space, be it my high school locker, my dorm rooms, my apartment, and my now townhome. It’s not Pinterest perfect, but it’s also easier to decorate than you think (though I will never be in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine).

I thought I’d share with you some simple ways that I make my space feel like home, even though I despise our cupboards and carpet.

[remember: frames, baskets, plants, color, devotionals, beauties]


This is a plain bookshelf from Ikea, with a card table folding chair. Not exactly classy. Oh, and Zelie’s wash cloths and bibs on the top shelf. But most of our devotional books are on this shelf, a sneaky distraction from the mess up top. And this vine adds life to this corner. (Plus it’s a hard plant to kill. Bonus.)

[above: devotionals, plant]


Here are some more plants in Zelie’s room that we’ve collected over the last couple years. A lily that Peter had before we got married. A bonsai tree that a friend gave me when I got sick last year. And an aloe plant (Ikea) to replace the last one I killed. (Whoops.)

It is messy on her dresser, but there are plants, some colorful animals in the back (Zelie’s Godfather made those!), a moon night light from Ikea, and a framed picture of an elephant that I found and cut out from somewhere a few years ago.

[above: plants, color, frames]



The tall frame we got as a wedding gift with a mix of stock photos, and other random pictures we have collected. Some from our wedding, when Zelie was a brand new peanut, and my brother-in-law’s wedding. The smaller frame I’m pretty sure I got for free somewhere, with a picture of Sts. Joachim and Anne (the patrons of our marriage) that a professor gave to me as an engagement gift. There is a bamboo plant that we got from Ikea. (I swear, Ikea is not paying me to write this.) That mug with colorful pens was a wedding gift. And the basket we got for like a dollar at Salvation Army! Did you even notice the sleeping bag and blankets I still need to put away? Don’t answer that. And the tape baby-proofing our shelf? Don’t answer that either.

[above: frames, devotional, plant, beauties, basket]


More baskets in our living room for Zelie full of rosaries, wooden toys, felt fruit, and other randos. Ignore the coaster on the floor. Gosh I hate our carpet.

[above: baskets]

Here are more baskets from Amazon, a framed photo that was a wedding gift, and a frame a friend gave me with a print. Doesn’t the plaid pillow go perfectly with the floral couch? And that carpet, exquisite. The basket on the left is in the living room and full of all the books I have started and have yet to finish. The basket on the right is in the hallway and is there to somewhat contain Zelie’s toys, and above that baby basket is a shelf of children’s books. Nothing from Ikea here I’m afraid.

[above: baskets, frame]


On the top shelf in the hallway is just a bunch of little random nuggets. One of my favorite pictures of Mary, some crayon art a friend made me, flowers from various events, a broken rosary, and a painting of an accordion I did for Peter either for Father’s day or his birthday. Oh, and two MLB baseballs, one of which is from the 1991 world series.

[above: devotionals, beauties]


Let’s see, let’s see. Oh! Mugs! I’m a hoarder in that department. Pete thinks I have a problem. I think I have a collection.

Starting left to right.

1. A mug from my freshman roommate that says “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.”

2. An orange mug from when I was a Peer Minister at the University of St. Thomas’s Campus Ministry.

3. That black mug in the back? I gave that to Peter freshman year when I broke his coffee mug. Let me tell you how it broke. While he was holding his mug, I slapped his butt. Because he was so shocked, he dropped his mug. The end.

4. The beautiful Lent mug from Blessed is She with a beautiful floral crown of thorns.

5. The yellow guy a friend gave me when I was sick last year.

6. In the back is a Star Wars mug from my dad that he got for me for Valentine’s Day two years ago.

7. My Morning Offering mug from Hatch Prints is next (oh hey, I have one of these to give away to one of YOU readers!)

8. Next is a mug that belongs to Peter that has ducks on it. I drink out of it when he goes on his hunting trips.

9. Last but not least is a mug from the Leinenkugel’s Brewery when we visited a friend of ours.

Photo bomb from our gnome named Hagrid (wedding gift) and two little statues of the Sacred and Immaculate hearts of Jesus and Mary. Oh look. Another plant. (It actually was a clipping from the vine on our bookshelf.) Then I guess I should point out the cutesy little letter magnets on the dishwasher for Zel Bel.

[above: beauties, devotionals, plant]

(Photo from Hatch Prints)

Alright! That’s about it! Oh. What? The giveaway? ‘scuse me. Well, story time. I accidentally won a giveaway on Instagram from Hatch Prints! (I NEVER win giveaways.) And I got these three beautiful mugs, but I already have one of them! So I’m deciding to pay it forward.

I got this Morning Offering mug and Everything tote from Hatch Prints in the fall and fell in love. This mug is perfect in the mornings, especially when you sit down to pray and you just have no idea what the say. The tote is actually our diaper bag for Zelie. It’s so durable and it’s way more stylish than a typical diaper bag.

To enter the giveaway for the beautiful Morning Offering mug, you can do a few things to enter.

One entry for going to the Hatch Print shop and commenting what two things are on your wish list.

One entry for liking and commenting on my post on my Facebook page.

One entry for sharing my Facebook post and commenting that you did so either here or on my page’s Facebook post.

One entry for tagging someone on my Instagram post (one tag per comment, maximum ten comments.)

Must be in the continental U.S. for the giveaway. Giveaway ends Friday at 2:00 Central. I will contact you either via email, Facebook, or Instagram, and if you do not respond within 24 hours, I will draw another winner.

Good luck!!

Oh right. The coupon code. For 15% off your order of $15 or more, type in at checkout RYIAN 15, this will run until March 31st! Get your little beauties!

5 thoughts on “Making a Beautiful Space {and Hatch Prints Giveaway + Coupon Code!}

  1. Sadly my husband doesn’t like all my trinkets and decor so our house is very boring. I’m sure I can slowly warm him up to things that will make our house my beautiful space.
    I really would like 2 of the prints: 1. My vocation is love and 2. Pray, hope and don’t worry. So pretty!!


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